Nana’s Closet, Inc. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program Application


* Must live in Cleveland, Canadian, Logan or Oklahoma Counties.
* Are the primary caregiver and support for a grandchild/grandchildren/family member
(18 years or younger) living exclusively at your residence (without the parent(s) in the residence.
* Current updated documents showing you are guardian will need to be submitted.
* Documents will be deleted once verified.
***Applications will not be considered unless they are complete with documentation***


If currently receiving TANF you can provide an approval letter in lieu of the documentation below.

If not currently receiving TANF, please include:
1. Current school enrollment documentation and
2. At least one of the following (that must include current address and state with whom the child resides)

  • Current custody or guardianship letter
  • Current utility bill.
  • Letter from church, doctor, or daycare
  • Medicaid letter
  • Free/reduced lunch letter
  • CASA Letter

**Our online applications currently require Gmail account.